Tuesday, May 16, 2006

We are all witnesses of the next dynasty: The Dallas Mavericks!

Let's look at recent dynasties in the NBA, so you understand what I mean by the mavs are the next dynasty.
Everyone knows the Bulls won three championships in the early 90's and another three in the mid to late 90's all with the superstar "I wanna be like Mike" Jordan. The Rockets snuck in there with two in 94 and 95 during Olajuwan's time. More recently we have the Lakers with three from 2000 through 2003 under the Shaq and Kobe regime. Then we have the Spurs with three in 99, 03, and 05. And I would venture to say that Detroit is a dynasty of sorts making it to the championship in 04 and 05, and most likely 06 while pulling out one championship ring in the 04 game.
Basically we are talking about teams that have some sort of domination in the league for a period of time, being longer than a year. This isn't sneaking a championship, it is repeatedly being a contender and most likely winning a couple in close proximity.
Now for the new era. Kobe and Shaq have been split up and it is obvious that the Lakers are done. Well what about the Spurs? They won 2 of the last 3. Just watch them and you wouldn't need me to tell you. But in case you can't see the obvious or are in denial, they are old and busted. Plain and simple. Duncan is absolutely on his last leg, he can barely make it up and down the court and looks like my grandpa running the court. Ginobili has a serious flopping problem most likely stemming from argentine futbol. In the long run he is only hurting himself, he adds so much extra wear and tear on his body by playing the way he does that he will not have as long a professional life as others. Or at least not as long a productive life. If you look at the age of their key players, Parker aside, they are old. Sure Parker is young, but you can't build a team around Parker. You build a team around Duncan, and his body is done. This opens the door to a new regime.
Enter the mavs, the next dynasty. The mavericks have a young team and show up on both the offensive and defensive side of the court. They have Avery bringing them the new defensive and mental toughness he gained playing for Pop, and the offensive pressure while playing and coaching with Nelly. He has the makings of a super coach. And the team has bought in and is playing above anything anyone can throw at them. Let's take a look at the roster.
Dirk is the backbone of the team. It is all centered around his mvp caliber play and never ceasing ability to get better. Terry is mister clutch, don't come into to our home thinking he won't light it up, enough said. Howard is a super athlete and a budding allstar. Devin is the push and momentum needed to take it to the next level on offense. Griff is mister D. Van Horn adds size, defense, and spurts of offense. Stack is an allstar off the bench. Diop and Damp- well I wouldn't mind picking someone else up in this department. But even still, Diop is on the verge of great things as a center, he is just a little sloppy right now. Damp however, I wash my hands of him. Trade him or whatever. But in the mean time he gives just enough for the rest of the team to keep it under control.
We are all witnesses, not to a single superstar on a single team, but to the beginning of a new era. A complete basketball team with the ability to dominate the league for years to come. The team to take the reign of the next dynasty is the Dallas Mavericks. They have put the pieces together and have great unselfish teamball play. Built around next years mvp, Dirk Nowitzki, the mavs will win 2 -3 championships of the next 5 including this years.


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