Thursday, May 18, 2006

Terry punches Finley: Sweet Victory

Good! He deserves it. But the truth is Terry was just trying to get the two hacks off of him, not really much of anything happened. Especially to warrant a suspension. Thanks for adding to the already horribly called game. I guess Stern wants the spurs to win, too bad Dallas is the best team out there and can handle it's business either way.
The greatest moment in the Finley is a sell out traitor saga will come at the end of game 6 when the mavs knock the spurs out. Finley was on the mavs when they couldn't quite win a championship. Granted we cut him because he was a waste of space(and salary cap), but he went to our long time bitter rival, the spurs. Boo Finley, not cool.
As if beating the spurs isn't enough satisfaction on it's own, now we get to put Finley in his basketball grave. No rings bro. You should have been a better leader in Dallas. Too bad you had no balls. You deserve what you are about to get. The beat down of a lifetime. After which you can sit on the couch and watch your old team go all the way. It must feel horrible to know that you were a waste of space and now that we have filled it with real players, we will win it all and you will only get to watch.
That is why our game 6 win will be such a sweet victory.


At 2:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know what? the Mavs are going to win tonight. They are going to win no matter how many times Duncan whines to the refs. They are going to win even if Ginobli, Parker and Finley all put up 30 on top of Duncans output. They are going to win without Terry. They are going to send the "World Champs" packing and in the wake of this second round upset they are going to prove to the world that they are not the Mavs of old. The Mavs are going to absolve any doubt that ever existed in the minds of commentators and analysts alike. Jerk-offs like Steve Kerr, and Reggie Miller, who have been calling the games are going to eat their words. Everyone will soon realize that Dirk is the real MVP. No matter how quietly he gets his 30 and 10, he gets them EVERY night. The only exception to that is when Bruce Bowen is putting in another hack-job performance or when Dirk produces more. Tonight is no exception. The Mavs are going to come out blazing and there is going to be a game 2 repeat. The best of all is going to be when I see Tim Duncan and Michael Finley holding each other after the game, crying. They will be crying about everything. The refs, their teammates, the Mavs, everything. They will realize that they will play the rest of their careers without the prospects of getting a ring. (unless Finley sells out again and comes back to the Mavs) But most of all they will be crying because they will realize that there is a new Champ in Texas and they don't live in San Antone.


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