Wednesday, May 17, 2006

No respect for Big D: the new suns, the old mavericks

I don't know how anybody can say that the suns ever had a chance at the nba finals. They play the commonly unrespected run and gun style of play that the mavs played the last few years. The mavs had great seasons and good post seasons playing this style, but never got to the nba finals. For that they never earned respect and were called soft.
The suns are just the new run and gun soft team of the west. They play NO defense and shoot the lights out. They are as soft as they come. I take issue with this because they have had many people tout them as a contender for the championship. I don't get it. The mavs were spit on and disrespected and the suns are touted? Come on! How stupid do you think I am. The suns suck! The suns will never be able to put a team away. If they lead by 20, it will only take about 2 minutes to get back in it, as evidenced by the clippers game last night. A few missed shots rebounded and a good half court set, banging it inside will beat the suns everytime. Sure they will have wins, who can keep up with them? But in a series to seven, the suns can not beat a team like the new mavs or the spurs or pistons, they are too soft. (and I spit on them)
I just can't stand how they get respect and the mavs never did with the same style of play. But even worse is how the mavs have changed into a championship caliber team, playing good defense and great teamball, yet still no respect. Is it a conspiracy? Is Dallas going to be the team that everyone loves to hate? Well I say bring it on, because there is going to be no denying our dominance over the next few years. So anyone that wants to dis the mavs will just be losing credibility as an analyst.


At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Theres not a team in the nba who could run with the suns. If dallas was a better running team last year how come the suns still beat them. Without joe johnson and a bench. Face it dallas fans nash has dallas's number youll get a few wins but not the series

At 3:27 PM, Blogger wiz said...

no way. We did run as well when we had nash, but last year was still a transition year to get where we are now. We have a hybrid. We play D, slow it down a bit, but can also light it up on offense. We will run with the suns only when we have to. But what I would like to see in the series, is for us to put diop in and close the lane, defend the 3, and slow it down just a tad. With that, we will win the series. I like nash, but the run and gun style of play just can't win the championship. I lived for the mavs with dirk and nash, but always ended the year with disappointment and hope for the next year. Granted we haven't won the championship yet, but i am completely confident that we will this year, and you will be disappointed and hopeful for next year. Just take it from me, until you guys get rid of nash and d'antoni, you won't have a championship.

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