Monday, May 22, 2006

Mavs Win, despite the refs best effort

The mavericks shot out to a 20 point lead, as I expected, but what I did not expect was for the refs to call a completely lopsided game in order to pull the spurs back in. Unbelieveable! The mavs were up by 20 and then the refs went on a whistle blowin' spree and handed the spurs the game. At halftime, the calls were 28 on the mavs and 9 on the spurs. I don't care who is doing what, there is no way a team could be fouling that many more times than another team. How about we just call it the Duncan effect. Duncan touches the ball and the whistle blows, doesn't matter how good the D is, and it was good. Not to mention on the other end, if you called a foul for every over back on Duncan, he would have fouled out himself. Now the stats will be misleading because the fouls ended up with the mavs getting called 7 more times, but a lot of that has to do with the end of reg and overtime where we took over. At that point the spurs had to foul to try and get back in it and this tainted the stats. Our call deficit should have been somewhere around 10-15. Not to mention, when a foul was called on the spurs, they actually commited it. When a foul was called on the mavs, they probably only commited them 80% of the time.
The spurs gave it all they had, the fans gave it all they had, Mike Finley gave it all he had, and the refs, THE REFS even gave it all they had---- Was it enough?
NOPE! the mavs beat everybody tonight. But let's be serious, who ever doubted it anyway? Not me.
go mavs!


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