Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mavs give it away

The mavs had this from the very beginning. They got Duncan in foul trouble and were up by 6 at the half. However, they never got into a true rythm. Harris was a no show and Stack ,well... Stack is a piece of work... saboteur maybe? He has really turned out to be a liability in the later part of these games.
Keep in mind this game is without Terry. I thought they could take care of business at home either way, but with Harris being a no show, it didn't happen. We let it slip away. I keep my head up though. We had no Terry and we all know he is lights out at home. And as far as I am concerned, the Spurs have really been firing on all cylinders. So if this is everything they can possibly throw at us, then all we have to do is get our team to bring it on the same night, which we will. We won't be missing a star in game 7, Harris will be loose having Terry back, Dirk always shows up, Van Horn is ready for more, and Ave will have everyone else ready too. I just hope that Avery will get Stack under control and not play him in the 4th or at least with 5 min left.
Winning in game 7 at san antone will be a bigger statement anyway. we WILL show up, and we WILL bring it.
And I am ready to lay credit where it is due, so let's get to game 7.
go mavs!


At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't mind giving respect where respect is due. The spurs are a great team and they tend to take care of their business. What I hate about them is the amount of time they spend bitching and moaning to the referees about supposed missed calls, even when it's an obvious flop. They would be a lot easier to tolerate if they would spend the majority of their time on the court playing ball instead of whining. They are the defending champs for crying out loud, why can't they act like it instead of crying every trip down the court like a bunch of pussies.


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