Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It was a nice ride

I wish the outcome was different, but we still made good progress. If we forget about the refs and all the bs, we can remember that this was our first time to the finals. As much as I wanted the win, I am still happy with our progress and I think Dirk and the boys can look forward to getting it done next year. I don't really know what to say about it. I didn't like the way the refs jumped in when we got a big lead, which completely took away the lead and obviously hurt us mentally. But at the same time, we had the opportunity and we didn't close out, at home no less. Dirk really wasn't there in his normal ways through most of this series and I hope it was first time to the finals jitters, in which case next year he will take home the trophey. Either way, Dirk is still my homeboy.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Welcome to Miami!

Dwayne Wade and the Heat dominated the mavs tonight. Dirk and Howard were both non existant. Dirk actually has me a little confused with the way he has been playing in the finals. Definately not like the all star that we have come to know and love. I am confindent that he will get things going in the final games. The Heat dominated the game in a way that would almost get me worried, BUT this is the Dallas Mavericks of the new era we are talking about. THE NEXT DYNASTY!  They will not lose and Dirk will be a big part of why.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Welcome to the series, Miami!

Finally we got a good game. Miami and especially D. Wade played amazing. That's the good news. The bad news: they only won by 2 and the Dallas offense was non existent in the last 6min. I fully expect to see a win by Dallas on Thursday. They won't let a game like this slip away and not come back fierce. I am hoping for another good game thursday, but with Dallas pulling it out. go mavs!

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Monday, June 12, 2006


The Dallas Mavericks are absolutely the best team in the nba. I don't even have anything to write about miami at the moment. They are absolutely horrible and the mavs are dominating them. As much as I enjoy the mavs showing their dominance and earning the crown, I have to say I almost want miami to figure something out just to make this an interesting championship. The mavs have had a couple of good series leading up to this, but if the series continues as it is, this will be an anti climatic championship. I can only the guess that if miami can't figure something out, the nba will try with the refs as they did in the spurs series. The spurs series was really a 4-1 series that ended 4-3 due to some games given to the spurs by the refs. Let's see what happens tuesday, can't wait. I hope the nba won't stoop so low again, especially in the finals. I can only hope miami figures something out on their own to make this an interesting series for the mavs. Either way the mavs are the next nba champions.

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Friday, June 09, 2006

The Heat have no answer

Game 1 gave dallas the first of their 4 needed wins to be the nba champions. The Heat started the game out on fire and took an early lead. Jason Terry ripped it up in the 2nd quarter to get the mavs back in it and Dirk hit a shot at the buzzer to give the mavs the lead. The mavs played the rest of the game with better defense and somewhat better offense, giving them win.

The game was nothing special. But what was intriging was the box score at the end of the game. The mavs won the game with Dirk and Howard both under their scoring by about 10 each, Harris too. Terry was up by about 10, but with the team all together, I see the mavs with another potential 10-20 points. Whereas the Heat have nothing left. There bench gave them everything you can expect wade gave everything, shaq could probaby have 10 more tops.

The end result is an NBA Championship for the Dallas Mavericks.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Going to the NBA Finals! 4 more wins!

The mavs shut em down and opened up shop. A defensive clinic if you will. The mavs have once again proven why they are the best in the nba and why the suns will never win a championship, and better yet, why nash will never win a championship, and better yet still, why Dirk is the real mvp. So all you suns fans are left disapointed and hopeful for next year, as I have stated would be the case in earlier posts and comments. But we have Amare coming back you say. Well I say bring him on, just like raja bell was supposed to make a difference, WE DON'T CARE! You don't play the right kind of ball to win a championship, that's all there is to it. The mavs are the next dynasty. Four more wins! Let's go miami, you will have to play the best ball of your lives to hang with a team that can run all over you, so let's have it.


Friday, June 02, 2006

Dirk, Dirk, Dirk, Dirk, Dirk

What else do I have to say? This guy is amazing! I remember sitting there with my friends, it was the 3rd quarter and the suns were leading by 7. We were all very upset with the pace of the game and the way our guys were playing. It was at that moment that I said "It's up to Dirk to come out and take this game" And that he did...and that he did. Unstoppable! You can't contain him. Hey Tim, Pucker Up, I got something for you, it's Dirk taking all your headlines, the game, AND the series. Where is your swagger now? Cocky suns of ...

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Where do I start?

Last nights game was ridiculous. I couldn't even decide on one subject to blog about, so I will go through a couple here.
1. I don't know this kid! Raja who? Oh yeah another player the mavs dumped. Guess what media? It's not a story! Raja didn't win the game nor even affect it enough to make us notice him.
2. It seems the only way a team can hang with dallas is with the help of the refs! I don't know how raja became a story, but even worse is that his media coverage appeared to affect the refs. First foul called on harris while bell walk around him without even a touch. What? But even worse is the 3 or 4 flops he pulled off to give us offensive fouls, one of which he grabbed Howards arm with two hands to make howard try to wave him off and then flopped when he did and got a call. Come on! As much as I am not a Kobe fan, I am completely on his side with the raja incident. When raja clotheslined kobe, the media was never able to show him get hit in the face with an elbow more than once. Almost every fall was a flop. This guy is as bad as gino! And while I am on the refs, let's mention Dirk's two ticky tack fouls very early, taking him to the bench and never giving him the opportunity to get in rythm. game over
3. We lost due to the very inefficient play of our best. Both Dirk and Terry were off on the same night, and no one showed up in the second half. We still we had the opportunity even with all that, we just decided to get a rest and roll them at home. I can say with 100% certainty that it won't be that way in game 5.
4. Suns fans are crazy! Sure you are staying even, but remember, we have home court back and we are the best road team. We will finish you off. And when you are up by 20, we aren't out of the game(unless dirk isn't in rythm, as was last night but not normal) Your defense is so bad we can be back on top within a few minutes, so I just don't get why you guys are so elated when winning by 7 in the 1st or 2nd quarter. It's crazy, you go on being happy. I will sit there content to know that you will have an even bigger let down by being to high about 7 points. Maybe you need to get to know your team a little better and come to the cold hard truth that your defense sucks.
mavs will win series

Monday, May 29, 2006

Suns are done!

The mavs have stepped up the defense and they have proven, in the game 3 win, that they have "figured out the suns". To tell you the truth, game 1 just kept it from being a sweep. I stick by my earlier post that the suns will never win the championship playing the same type of ball that the mavs used to play. I have no respect for the suns. They are cocky, yet have nothing to be cocky about. I would almost say they are ignorant. They think they have some special system figured out. Well guess what? The mavs tried it and when it didn't work, dumped nash off on your sorry team. Now you deal with the disappointment that comes from a great season and no championships. Here is a little piece of advice Phoenix: go get a 7ft German that has a sweet shot from anywhere, can take it strong to the hole, shoots 90% from the line, rebounds like crazy, draws a double team, helps his teammates out, hits "the big shot", and has an unbelievable work ethic and determination. Once you find him, build a team around him. Cuban did, and look at the mavs now.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

I'ma Nowitzness

I am a witness of the Dirk Nowitzki era and I thank God he's on my team. This guy is pure guts. He's pulling down boards, splashing shots, and taking it to the hole. Tonight he had 30 points, 14 boards, and 6 dimes. He never ceases to step it up. He hits the big shot and he is willing his team to victory. Dirk WILL win the championship and WILL be mvp. With out him, the mavs wouldn't be in the west championships, nor would they make it out of the west.
I'ma Nowitzness, in fact, we all are.

Mavs won't lose series with Dirk's determination and guts

Alright, so the mavs lost game 1 at home when they had it won with 2 min. left. And Steve Nash did look like the mvp in game 1. But guess what? that's it for the suns. The mavs will take over tonight. Granted the suns will probably open one up at home somewhere in the series, but the mavs will prevail because they are the better team and they have Dirk. Dirk is playing out of his mind. One word: DETERMINATION

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

mavs vs. suns, Mavs will smoke 'em

The mavs and the suns will play in the western conference finals tonight. This will be great because we will get to witness the old mavs(suns) play the new mavs. As stated in an earlier post, the suns play the run and gun ball that the mavs used to play and which never took us to the finals. Well it is time for the suns to face their destiny and find out why they will never see the finals with a team built around Steve Nash "supposed MVP". Guess what suns? We had a team that was built around nash and while it looked good and had a good record, that team never got to the finals, and never got respect.
Now we have a team built around Dirk Nowitzki, and all the suns will get to do is watch us roll over them on our way to winning the championship. That is why Dirk is the true MVP. Next season he will finally get respect after winning the championship and if he isn't named mvp something is seriously wrong. Did you see him win game seven with a strong drive to the basket getting his hand hacked by gino and still powering it over the rim, and then hitting the freethrow to send it to OT? I know I did, and I will never, ever forget that play. Dirk becoming the undeniable MVP.
And I will tell you what. Nash can keep his mvp title this season because Dirk will be wearing the championship ring and have an MVP title of his own. MVP of the Finals!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Mavs Win, despite the refs best effort

The mavericks shot out to a 20 point lead, as I expected, but what I did not expect was for the refs to call a completely lopsided game in order to pull the spurs back in. Unbelieveable! The mavs were up by 20 and then the refs went on a whistle blowin' spree and handed the spurs the game. At halftime, the calls were 28 on the mavs and 9 on the spurs. I don't care who is doing what, there is no way a team could be fouling that many more times than another team. How about we just call it the Duncan effect. Duncan touches the ball and the whistle blows, doesn't matter how good the D is, and it was good. Not to mention on the other end, if you called a foul for every over back on Duncan, he would have fouled out himself. Now the stats will be misleading because the fouls ended up with the mavs getting called 7 more times, but a lot of that has to do with the end of reg and overtime where we took over. At that point the spurs had to foul to try and get back in it and this tainted the stats. Our call deficit should have been somewhere around 10-15. Not to mention, when a foul was called on the spurs, they actually commited it. When a foul was called on the mavs, they probably only commited them 80% of the time.
The spurs gave it all they had, the fans gave it all they had, Mike Finley gave it all he had, and the refs, THE REFS even gave it all they had---- Was it enough?
NOPE! the mavs beat everybody tonight. But let's be serious, who ever doubted it anyway? Not me.
go mavs!

Thank you Jason Terry

Here we are half way through game 7 and the mavs are smoking them, as expected. One thing that sticks out is that JT was booed when he came out on the floor. What is San Antonio thinking? Jason Terry is the one who gave them this game 7 at their home. Had JT played in game 6, the spurs would be on vacation already. If anything he should be cheered by the SA fans, but whatever.
keep on rollin' mavs!

GAMEDAY! we aren't the cavs

Today is the day. The mavs will prove to the world why they are the next dynasty. They will shut the spurs down and run on offense.
Lebron and the cavs got smoked yesterday by the Pistons when the cavs had a chance to end it at home. The mavs had the same opportunity to end it at home on Friday and they couldn't do it. Well guess what? WE AREN'T THE CAVS! Dallas is a real team. They are one of the best in the NBA. They were playing without Terry on Friday, but tonight they will be back to firing on all cylinders.
This is your last chance to say goodbye to the Spurs because they are going fishing.
Mavs by 10+ tonight.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mavs give it away

The mavs had this from the very beginning. They got Duncan in foul trouble and were up by 6 at the half. However, they never got into a true rythm. Harris was a no show and Stack ,well... Stack is a piece of work... saboteur maybe? He has really turned out to be a liability in the later part of these games.
Keep in mind this game is without Terry. I thought they could take care of business at home either way, but with Harris being a no show, it didn't happen. We let it slip away. I keep my head up though. We had no Terry and we all know he is lights out at home. And as far as I am concerned, the Spurs have really been firing on all cylinders. So if this is everything they can possibly throw at us, then all we have to do is get our team to bring it on the same night, which we will. We won't be missing a star in game 7, Harris will be loose having Terry back, Dirk always shows up, Van Horn is ready for more, and Ave will have everyone else ready too. I just hope that Avery will get Stack under control and not play him in the 4th or at least with 5 min left.
Winning in game 7 at san antone will be a bigger statement anyway. we WILL show up, and we WILL bring it.
And I am ready to lay credit where it is due, so let's get to game 7.
go mavs!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Terry punches Finley: Sweet Victory

Good! He deserves it. But the truth is Terry was just trying to get the two hacks off of him, not really much of anything happened. Especially to warrant a suspension. Thanks for adding to the already horribly called game. I guess Stern wants the spurs to win, too bad Dallas is the best team out there and can handle it's business either way.
The greatest moment in the Finley is a sell out traitor saga will come at the end of game 6 when the mavs knock the spurs out. Finley was on the mavs when they couldn't quite win a championship. Granted we cut him because he was a waste of space(and salary cap), but he went to our long time bitter rival, the spurs. Boo Finley, not cool.
As if beating the spurs isn't enough satisfaction on it's own, now we get to put Finley in his basketball grave. No rings bro. You should have been a better leader in Dallas. Too bad you had no balls. You deserve what you are about to get. The beat down of a lifetime. After which you can sit on the couch and watch your old team go all the way. It must feel horrible to know that you were a waste of space and now that we have filled it with real players, we will win it all and you will only get to watch.
That is why our game 6 win will be such a sweet victory.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

mavs will finish series at home

This was a great game. I loved watching Duncan get a foul call everytime he touched the ball. He ended the game with maybe 2 fouls and on the other end he almost fouled out 3 separate players. Even better were the only two times he touched the ball and didn't draw a foul....wait for it.....he cried to the refs. What a puss!
I have never seen a true champion with 3 titles and 3 finals mvp's cry soo much. I have lost so much respect for Duncan of late. And the Spurs for that matter. Now to be serious, the mavs are true champions... on and off the court. Did you see Finley slam one home again and then flex down on Dirk? On the other side of the court Dirk just laughed with him about the flex, basically saying nice hit. Now that is a sportsman. I love Dirk. He is a class act. You don't see the mavs complain about the crappy calls we got during the games we barely won. And you won't see them complain after this horribly called game 5. Not to mention that the games the Spurs have complained about have all ended with the spurs having less calls than the mavs. Tonight we had 7 more calls. There is no way to stop duncan when you get called for playing good defense, he is good enough as is without the help from crap calls. I was suprised if the whistle didn't blow when he touched the ball, and so was he as evidenced by his baby face whinning.
To make a long story short. I am happy with the play tonight. It was an exciting game and we got some hard calls but still had a chance at the end. I like the fact that Dirk had that rebound even though he missed by not knowing how much time was left, but he had a chance and we are going to be that much more hungry in game 6 at home. And no way can the calls be that bad two games in a row. The mavs will finish the series at home.
go mavs!

ps I love the 3 pointer by Dirk to tie the game and the get low strut back. Dirty is ready to be a champion.

shot out to the new era

Just a little respect for the mavs and their new style of play. The mavs have stepped up their defense and still have the offensive power from the past few years, whereas, the suns are all offensive firepower and no D.
go mavs!

No respect for Big D: the new suns, the old mavericks

I don't know how anybody can say that the suns ever had a chance at the nba finals. They play the commonly unrespected run and gun style of play that the mavs played the last few years. The mavs had great seasons and good post seasons playing this style, but never got to the nba finals. For that they never earned respect and were called soft.
The suns are just the new run and gun soft team of the west. They play NO defense and shoot the lights out. They are as soft as they come. I take issue with this because they have had many people tout them as a contender for the championship. I don't get it. The mavs were spit on and disrespected and the suns are touted? Come on! How stupid do you think I am. The suns suck! The suns will never be able to put a team away. If they lead by 20, it will only take about 2 minutes to get back in it, as evidenced by the clippers game last night. A few missed shots rebounded and a good half court set, banging it inside will beat the suns everytime. Sure they will have wins, who can keep up with them? But in a series to seven, the suns can not beat a team like the new mavs or the spurs or pistons, they are too soft. (and I spit on them)
I just can't stand how they get respect and the mavs never did with the same style of play. But even worse is how the mavs have changed into a championship caliber team, playing good defense and great teamball, yet still no respect. Is it a conspiracy? Is Dallas going to be the team that everyone loves to hate? Well I say bring it on, because there is going to be no denying our dominance over the next few years. So anyone that wants to dis the mavs will just be losing credibility as an analyst.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

We are all witnesses of the next dynasty: The Dallas Mavericks!

Let's look at recent dynasties in the NBA, so you understand what I mean by the mavs are the next dynasty.
Everyone knows the Bulls won three championships in the early 90's and another three in the mid to late 90's all with the superstar "I wanna be like Mike" Jordan. The Rockets snuck in there with two in 94 and 95 during Olajuwan's time. More recently we have the Lakers with three from 2000 through 2003 under the Shaq and Kobe regime. Then we have the Spurs with three in 99, 03, and 05. And I would venture to say that Detroit is a dynasty of sorts making it to the championship in 04 and 05, and most likely 06 while pulling out one championship ring in the 04 game.
Basically we are talking about teams that have some sort of domination in the league for a period of time, being longer than a year. This isn't sneaking a championship, it is repeatedly being a contender and most likely winning a couple in close proximity.
Now for the new era. Kobe and Shaq have been split up and it is obvious that the Lakers are done. Well what about the Spurs? They won 2 of the last 3. Just watch them and you wouldn't need me to tell you. But in case you can't see the obvious or are in denial, they are old and busted. Plain and simple. Duncan is absolutely on his last leg, he can barely make it up and down the court and looks like my grandpa running the court. Ginobili has a serious flopping problem most likely stemming from argentine futbol. In the long run he is only hurting himself, he adds so much extra wear and tear on his body by playing the way he does that he will not have as long a professional life as others. Or at least not as long a productive life. If you look at the age of their key players, Parker aside, they are old. Sure Parker is young, but you can't build a team around Parker. You build a team around Duncan, and his body is done. This opens the door to a new regime.
Enter the mavs, the next dynasty. The mavericks have a young team and show up on both the offensive and defensive side of the court. They have Avery bringing them the new defensive and mental toughness he gained playing for Pop, and the offensive pressure while playing and coaching with Nelly. He has the makings of a super coach. And the team has bought in and is playing above anything anyone can throw at them. Let's take a look at the roster.
Dirk is the backbone of the team. It is all centered around his mvp caliber play and never ceasing ability to get better. Terry is mister clutch, don't come into to our home thinking he won't light it up, enough said. Howard is a super athlete and a budding allstar. Devin is the push and momentum needed to take it to the next level on offense. Griff is mister D. Van Horn adds size, defense, and spurts of offense. Stack is an allstar off the bench. Diop and Damp- well I wouldn't mind picking someone else up in this department. But even still, Diop is on the verge of great things as a center, he is just a little sloppy right now. Damp however, I wash my hands of him. Trade him or whatever. But in the mean time he gives just enough for the rest of the team to keep it under control.
We are all witnesses, not to a single superstar on a single team, but to the beginning of a new era. A complete basketball team with the ability to dominate the league for years to come. The team to take the reign of the next dynasty is the Dallas Mavericks. They have put the pieces together and have great unselfish teamball play. Built around next years mvp, Dirk Nowitzki, the mavs will win 2 -3 championships of the next 5 including this years.

Spurs on brink of Elimination!

Here is an article talking about about the situation. Mavs are up 3-1 in the series and just have to win 1 of the next 3 to move on. One of those being at home.